Looking after that Grey Matter

With World Mental Health Day on the Wednesday just past, I thought I’d write a bit about how important it is to not ignore any problems or issues you might have. I think the stigma around mental health has greatly decreased, and more positive messages are put out there in the public domain that it’s ok to not be ok all the time. If you think about it, how can someone be 100% positive all the time!! Jeez, I know I’m not. All you have to do is quickly browse the news headlines and that’s enough to push you over the edge!

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Sculpting that Dad Bod

I’ve always been an active person, even as a child. I started mini rugby from the age of 6 and continued playing consistently for my town and school up to the age of 19. I drifted away from sport for a few years through my early twenties, but still played a bit of indoor football with my mates once or twice a week. I then fell in to playing football for a few local teams for a few seasons. The training two times a week and a game on a Saturday kept the fitness levels up, but I was no Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. I was more like Emile Heskey, but without his skill!

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Fatherhood and Me

So I’ve written a little blog for the good people at Mums NI. Jillian first introduced them to me when she too wrote a piece about the difference between her two maternity leaves which you can read here. After I read her blog I had a little nosey through their website to see what else they had on offer. I was blown away by the level of information and support on offer. Everything from, new mothers filled with excitement yet nervous for what was in front of them, to more experienced parents dishing out the sage advice like little Yoda parents….”Gripe water, to survive, you need!”

They also have pages dedicated to Family Events and Attractions on across the country that you may not even know existed as well as the major ones. They even have a page dedicated to recipes for all the family to enjoy, and the ability to submit your own recipes for others to share.

When I started my blog Jillian said I should contact them and see if they wanted anything from a male perspective. I did, and they were more than happy for me to put something together for them. I settled on discussing Fatherhood and Me. You can read my blog post here.